Production process


It all starts with the bintje

All potatoes are different. The bintje is a floury potato with a very versatile structure and flavour, making it perfect for fresh croquettes and purees. When harvesting, the potatoes are sorted according to the desired underwater weight so that the quality remains consistent, and the pure potato taste is dominant.

aardappelen spoelen

Maximum flavour preservation

The peeled young potato shoots are steamed at the right temperature so that they retain as much flavour as possible. The steamed beans are then sieved to 1,5mm and anything larger is removed through the separator.

Kelderman kv 026

From puree to croquettes

The right proportion of pepper, fine sea salt, nutmeg and dairy butter results in a delicious, fine puree, the basis of all Kelderman products. The puree is formed into croquettes, then cooled from over 70°C to 4°C as quickly as possible.

eiwit 2

A crispy jacket

Each croquette first receives a layer of egg white, then a layer of breadcrumbs. This thin layer gives a thin golden crust after just 3 minutes of frying.

kroketten inpakken

Packaged with care

The fresh croquettes are placed in the trays by hand, one by one, and packaged in a protective atmosphere, ready to be transported by the wholesaler to the professional chef. And remember... fresh is really fresh with us! The maximum shelf life of our croquettes is 12 days.

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